Cash for Cars

There are many reasons why people want to sell a car for cash. The one that usually comes to mind is getting rid of junk cars. When a vehicle has been totaled or has expensive transmission or engine problems where repair costs far outweigh the cars value, getting cash for a junk car is a great solution. Those are indeed great reasons to call Cash for Cars and have us take the junk cars away and hand you cash. However, there are more reasons to let us buy your vehicle than just getting rid of junk cars in Portland.

Earn Cash for Your Junk Car

Our experienced appraisers are able to offer payment for the value of your vehicle—even vehicles in good condition. If you have cars that sit in the garage, you have an elderly family member who no longer drives his or her car, or you want to down grade the number of vehicles in your household, we will pay you a fair price for your used and junk cars without the hassle of listings and private buyers. Cash For Cars Portland (1)

Cash for Cars in Portland

At Cash for Cars in Portland we are not like the used car lots who depend on buying low and selling high. Our appraisers offer cash for the real value of your vehicle. If your cars are in good condition, you will not get lowballed when you sell your car to us. We make the transaction simple, we pay same-day cash, and you will be paid what your car is actually worth.

Sell Your Car in Portland

Whether you have a junk car or a vehicle in good shape, here is what we can do for you:

Free Towing – No matter where your car is in Portland,we come to you. We will take the vehicle away whether it is running or not. No cost to you.
Paperwork –   No need to wait in DMV lines. We deal with the title transfer and all the paperwork for you.
Same Day Cash – No matter the condition your vehicle is in, we pay cash for Porltand cars in any shape.
Instant Appraisers – Call us and get a quote for the full cash amount you will receive for your vehicle. No vague or hidden fees. No lowballing!
Licensed Recycle Processing – We guarantee all vehicles are responsibly processed by licensed recyclers.
Cash for Junk Cars –  We pay for scrap and totaled vehicles.

So, if you live in Portland, OR and are interested in cash for cars or when you have a car, SUV, truck, van, or any vehicle you aren’t using or can’t use, contact us for the best payment in town. Our friendly, experienced technicians will answer any questions you have. We make the process as easy for you as possible. We take care of everything from towing to paperwork, all to alleviate any hassle for you.

Contact Cash for Cars

As your neighbor in Portland, OR, Cash for Cars cares about you. We are part of the community, which means we care about the people and the surrounding environment. Our commitment is to offer you the best money we can for your vehicle while also responsibly handling every part of a vehicle in our care. At Cash for Cars in Portland you know you are getting top dollar while also taking care to minimize any environmental impact. Call Cash for Cars today at (503) 427-0905.

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