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Cash for Cars Portland is the answer to your junk car removal in Portland. No matter the condition your vehicle is in, we make the whole process easy. We will remove your junk car and pay you same-day cash in hand. When you call us you will get a fair, competitive, top-dollar rate for your junk, totaled, or scrap car.

Calling Cash for Cars in Portland is the easiest way to get rid of an eyesore that may even be an environmental hazard.

When junk cars are not removed they can begin to leak and breakdown. These toxins get into rivers and waterways as the rains wash them down the gutters and drains. They can also become a breeding ground for vermin and insects. We perform removal of your hazardous junk car. Your vehicle will be processed by licensed recyclers where it will be taken care of responsibly. We take the environmental concern out of your hands when you call us for junk car removal in Portland, OR.

What can be easier than having someone tow your junk car away and pay you money the same-day? How about handling the paperwork for you? Forget about long lines at the DMV. Whether you have a title or not, Cash for Cars Portland can still help you. Want more? How about the whole removal processes taking about an hour or two? From the time you call for a quote, to the time we arrive for physical junk car removal in Portland, to the moment we place the money in your hand generally takes no more than a couple of hours. Junk Car Removal Portland

Let The Experts Get Rid of Your Clunker

We’ve been removing junk cars in the Portland, OR area for over ten years. In that time, we have built a reputation as the go-to junk car removal in Portland company to call. Our friendly staff will take time to answer any questions you have about removal and junking of your vehicle or about how to  Sell Your Car. Our expert appraisers will offer you the best quote possible. And, our processors take care to practice environmentally sound handling of the vehicle.

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At Cash for Cars we are more than a junk car removal in Portland company, we are your Portland neighbors. We live, work, and play in the community and we hope to see you around. We care about doing good work, paying our customers good money, and taking great care of our environment. That is the locally-owned difference. As part of the Portland family we treat you like one of our own. That is a big part of why our word-of-mouth referrals have increased year after year since we began.

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If you have a junk car, an abandoned vehicle, or even a scrap shell of a car, don’t let it become a hazard. Call Cash for Cars right now for your no-pressure quote. With no hidden fees, the quote we give you on the phone is what we will pay in cash when we arrive.

For reputable, responsible, high-paying junk car removal in Portland, OR, call Cash for Cars today: (503) 427-0905.
Get cash in hand for having you junk car removed. Maybe it’s a clunker and maybe you just need some quick money. Either way, we would like to help you with your junk car removal and put some much needed cash in your hands as well. Call us today and see the great deals that we can turn over for you in no time.