We’ll Buy Your Car

When people think about selling a car and getting same-day cash for a car, they often think about getting rid of a junk car. But, did you know it is also a great way to get a good price for your working car? It is an excellent way to get a good price for your vehicle while not having to deal with listing an ad and showing it to multiple people until someone finally wants to buy. At Cash For Cars Portland you can sell your car and skip over all the trouble. Not having the motivation a dealership has to buy low and sell high, we will give you more for your car. We’ll also come to you to retrieve the vehicle. We are the go to business in Portland for selling your car. We handle everything for you! Sell Your Car Portland 460x307

Sell Your Car in Portland for Cash

Our experienced, knowledgeable appraisers know what cars sell for on the open market. When you call us you will receive a quick, no pressure quote for you vehicle. We are so confident that we pay the best in Portland, that we are happy to let you call around. Our word-of-mouth referrals have grown out of more than ten years of being the friendliest, highest paying place to sell your car in Portland.

Hassle Free Car Sales

From the moment you call for a quote to sell your car to the moment we put greenbacks in your hand is generally no more than two hours. We take all the hassle away. Not only will we come get the vehicle from you, we also handle all of the paper work and removal of a junk car. No title? No problem. You can still sell us your vehicle. We can process the vehicle through the DMV for you—and we can still pay you same-day. No waiting!

The Benefits of Selling Your Used Car

Are you planning to upgrade to a new car? Call us to sell you car and get a better price for it than you will on a trade in. No need to wait a day, a week, or several weeks to find a private buyer. Sell your car to us and take your money to the dealer to buy the vehicle you really want. That way there is no lag time while you go car-less between selling your car and buying a new one. Sell Your Car Portland 2 300x200

Do you have a family member who is getting older and will no longer be driving? Sell your car in Portland for cash that same day and alleviate the hassle of needing to meet potential buyers. Got an extra car sitting in the garage that you never get around to driving? Why let it sit and gather dust? Cash for Cars in Portland will pay you what the car is worth. No lowballing. No hidden fees. (503) 427-0905

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